Yellow and Blue

I was folding some laundry and decided to take a few mirror pics. I love my faded hoodie but at some angles the color just don’t look right. I am very warm and comfortable on this rainy day – for shoes I wore wigwam socks with sandals.

Neutral Color Clothing

I had a relaxing day in my hand dyed shirt and dress from our local county fair. I have bought several (many) varieties over the years. The designs are usually similar. To accessorize I wore a pair of heart shades I got on the West coast. Same sandals from Bass. George Rosa took the photo… Continue reading Neutral Color Clothing

Style Blog!

Here’s an outfit I wore today that I wanted to blog about. The pink top is from Dollar General (they built one about a mile away) but the skirt is from our local antique center. The top was from a photo session, I wanted a different color so I hand dyed it with tea. I… Continue reading Style Blog!

Portraits with Toad

Today I met a toad and took some quick portraits. I did some foraging and of course, admired myself and my art. I’ve included some photos of our summer encampment. My tent has a small hole that needs mending, and I would like to waterproof it again before I put it away. I use it… Continue reading Portraits with Toad

Mountain Rain

It was rainy here on Little Mountain. The air feels fresh. Things feel clean and shiny again. Thinking about a garden. My art got wet but only on the inside. The outside was completely dry.

A Path Emerges

A path is emerging here at Little Mountain, carved by our efforts. We are exploring fashion, art and nature. George Rosa is in the business of educational technology. We have a lot going on. I meant to post yesterday but my photos wouldn’t load.

Another Day at Little Mountain Gallery

There is so much to do at Little Mountain. The list goes on for days. We could use some help with the chores and tasks. We still have our fair share of laughs and fun. It’s important to make the most of what we have.

A Few Things

I’ve returned to taking selfies on the job site. Here are some photos from my life. I’m working on making my blog and there is a possibility that it will become donation based so that I may accomplish more of my goals and dreams. Consider donating to my blog today.